Delivering excellence!

Delivering Excellence!

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PressKraft is an Indian based engineering automation company formed by an organization whose members have over a two decades of experience and expertise in Industrial products for press automation. And offering technology and services for the assembly automation solutions.

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About Us



We are in the business of  ......

Industrial products for force applications. 

Hydro Pneumatic Products, Servo Mechanical Press, Riveting Units and Machines & press accessories) 

Special Purpose Machines. 

(for Press assembly automation*) 

Sheet Metal Technology Solutions 

(Clinching & Elements Installation). 

Information on our partners.

Friedrich - The Riveting Machine


The Riveting Company 

Our comprehensive range of products and services meets the highest quality requirements and covers all areas of application of industrial riveting technology.

  • more than 200 riveting machine variants can be realized in the standard range
  • radial-point and orbital riveting (GBA) with and without measuring systems
  • technical adjustments to customer requirements as well as workplace design according to customer specifications or FMW proposals
  • supplementary options with simple and safe fixtures/carriers e.g. sliding-, swivel-, device or small indexing tables

C&M Robotics



C&M Robotics Co. Ltd was founded in June 2000, One of our most important products is the …

Center Master, which automatically corrects centre position errors occurred when various precision components are assembled (inserted/press-fitted).

FLEXPRESS® used in cases of precision component assembly and automatic insertion.

and a graphic indicator IGI Plus which provides superior functionality in press-fitting quality management.  

July® Hydro Pneumatic Company



July® Industrial Limited is a professional manufacturer from Taiwan.

Products involve presses, cylinders, booster pumps, pressure testing rig and accessories. July® boasts automatic production lines, advanced production technologies, complete testing equipment and quality systems. 

PEM - Inserts Pressing



Although there are many element types, our insertion process comes down to 4 basic elements:

Self-clinching elements, which deform the component 

Self-piercing elements, which punch their own hole 

Press-in elements, which are inserted into an existing hole 

Riveting elements which clamp themselves into the pre-punched metal when being inserted  

Our Partner Videos

C&M Robotics has become a company specializing in automatic assembly and press-fitting systems based on highly developed technical skills.
We are providing our customers with an optimized automation system with the best solution for assembly and insertion automation.  


Center Master compensates for errors(position and/or angular) occurred during an assembly that various precision parts are press or loose fitted into the holes.
Thereby, it reduces assembly failure, enhances
product quality, and shortens the cycle time in production line.

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PressKraft Engineering Automation LLP


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